Movies I watched in 2014:

Byzanthium (2012)

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television challenge perhaps there could be no joy on this planet, without an equal weight of pain to balance it out on some unknown scale. (1/5 quotes) 

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Movies Watched in 2014 | The Host

"The earth is at peace. There is no hunger. There is no violence. The environment is healed. Honesty, courtesy, kindness are practiced by all. Our world has never been more perfect. Only, it is no longer our world. We’ve been invaded by an alien race. They occupy the bodies of almost all human beings on the planet. The few humans who have survived are on the run."

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I wasn’t lost, or frozen, or gone… I was alive; I was alive in my own perfect world.

My story can never be told. I write it over and over, wherever we find shelter. I write of what I cannot speak: the truth. I write all I know of it, then I throw that pages to the wind. Maybe the birds can read it.
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